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Tips For A Healthy Vacation This Spring Break

Posted in: Real People

It's almost vacation season, which means breaking out of your daily grind to let loose and enjoy life even just for a few days. If your schedule is filled with ... More

What Does Your Metabolism Have To Do With Losing Weight?

Posted in: Fat Loss And Diet

Society seems to believe in the notion that the only way to lose weight is to counting calories. Each individual has his or her magic number of calories they should ... More

Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass

Posted in: Performance Conditioning

If you are looking to add muscle and gain mass, here are four lessons that will help you accomplish your goal and avoid potential setbacks. Eat More Calories Than You Burn When ... More

Find the Balance Between Training Hard & Staying Injury Free

Posted in: Fitness Performance

Making strides in your personal fitness is great. Training consistently without injury is even better. Consistency is the key to drastic and lasting change in performance and body composition. However, ... More

Tips That Support A Healthy & Effective Fast

Posted in: Real People

Fasting, or consuming nothing but water for a set period of time may seem like an easy way to drop unwanted weight quickly, however, research shows that fasting for too ... More

What Are Adaptogens and Can They Help You Live Healthier?

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

Despite their growth in popularity, you may have never heard of adaptogens. This class of plants has been used in both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Today, ... More

8 Best Foods For Heart Health

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

We live in a world where convenience trumps home-cooked meals and quality ingredients. The food choices that we make in our daily lives (good or bad) affect the health of ... More

The Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Posted in: Performance Conditioning

Inversion is any position where your heart is higher than your head, essentially being upside-down. Inversion therapy is linked to helping your body recover from the effects of gravity. Scientifically ... More

Snap Back Into Shape For The New Year With These Foods!

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

 The Holiday season can certainly take a toll on the body. In the last days of 2017, you may be considering a detox to start your new year off right. ... More

Christmas Cookie Recipes That Won't Break Your Diet

Posted in: Nutrition Planning

Christmas cookies and other holiday sweets are one of the better parts of this time of year. With some many delicious food choices at family and friends, you may be ... More

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