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At Home Remedies For Back Spasms

Posted in: Performance Conditioning

For some, back spasms are the result of an intense workout or a simple household chore. Whether or not back spasms happen frequently or only on occasion, they are painful and ... More

3 Myths About Grains

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

Grains and gluten have become dirty words in today's food culture. Although the effects of gluten are controversial, whole grains like quinoa and black rice have serious nutritious benefits. Here ... More

5 Foods That Support Cognitive Health

Posted in: Nutrition Planning

Looking for a little support when it comes to staying sharp and clear-minded? Studies show that poor diets are linked to decreased cognitive function, anxiety and depression. In order to ... More

Symptoms That Show You May Be Deficient In These Essential Vitamins

Posted in: Basic Nutrition

Vitamins are vital for maintaining normal body function and good health. Eating a well-balanced diet of a wide variety of foods is often enough to supply your body with the ... More