The Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Posted in: Performance Conditioning  on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Inversion is any position where your heart is higher than your head, essentially being upside-down. Inversion therapy is linked to helping your body recover from the effects of gravity. Scientifically speaking, inversion therapy has proven to benefit the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous and the endocrine body systems. Inversion is a great exercise for the body as a whole with numerous benefits. If you are looking for a natural boost in energy, mood, and overall health, inversion therapy could be for you.

Inversion has become a staple in the United States Army’s physical training, as just 3-5 minutes spent upside-down can drastically change the way your body feels on a daily basis. If you are without an inversion board or gravity boots, leaning against the wall inverted will give you some of the same advantages.

Fight Spinal Pain

Inversion relieves spinal pain by encouraging better posture. The spinal cord is arguably the most important part of the human body, playing a large role in how an individual stands and sits. With the help of inversion therapy, you are forcing yourself to spend time in the correct posture positions.

Limit Mood Swings

Spending time upside-down can make you feel better about life! When blood circulation is altered, neurotransmitters are released, balancing hormones that make you feel happy and light-hearted. If you have been struggling with stabilizing your mood, inversion can be helpful. Inversion therapy is also linked to lessening premenstrual symptoms and depression.

Better Blood Circulation

As you can imagine, spending time in an inverted position increased the blood flow to your brain. What you may not know is that giving your brain more oxygen increases functionality and capability. Inversion helps memory, observation and supports clearer thinking. Individuals with better blood flow to their brain are also better sleepers, counteracting insomnia.

Stronger Ligaments and Bones

Getting your body into an inverted position places the right about of tension on your ligaments. Ligaments are the tissue that holds your bones in place, so when ligaments are strong, you are less prone to breakage. Also, helping your body adapt to an inverted position increases overall flexibility!

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