Tips That Support A Healthy & Effective Fast

Posted in: Real People  on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fasting, or consuming nothing but water for a set period of time may seem like an easy way to drop unwanted weight quickly, however, research shows that fasting for too long slows your metabolism and negatively alters your body’s response to food once you resume to your normal diet. Despite the issues associated with long-term fasting, a short fast (1-3 days) can be a healthy way to embark on a new weight loss regimen, where you break from eating low-quality foods and switch to a lifestyle that includes physical activity and healthy foods. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when fasting:

Stop Physical Activity

Often times fasts are not suggested for weight loss simply because they rob you of energy. Increasing your physical activity is the catalyst for weight loss, but if you are fasting, you should take a break from the gym. Working out while fasting may cause you to feel exhausted or unable to perform a movement with the proper form. Not to mention that pushing yourself on empty will cause your body to pull energy from your lean muscle.

Throw Away Your Expectations

Although you will most likely lose weight a few days into your fast, don't expect the weight loss to remain. The difference you are seeing is the absence of water weight, however, once you resume eating, your body will go back to retaining water.Keep in mind that you may feel extreme hunger! If you are struggling to adhere to a complete fast, limit your exposure to tempting meals to eliminate binge eating.


You must drink plenty of water while fasting! Being dehydrated while fasting is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious health problems.

Potential Side Effects

The absence of food in your system while you fast is going to lead to certain side effects. Be prepared to experience dizziness and even nausea.

When You Resume Eating...

Since your digestive system has been without food for a short period, it will need time to adjust to working full-time again. The best way to transition back to eating is to gradually introduce food. Start by eating light meals of fresh produce or lean meats.

Keep in mind that the elderly, ill, pregnant women and children should not fast at any time. Check with your doctor before attempting a fast. Let us reiterate that fasting is only beneficial for one to three days tops! Going without sustenance for too long is not only damaging but it is a sure fire way to delay weight loss goals. For more information on fasting, stop in at your nearest Max Muscle location!